Sunday, March 21, 2010

Bad Injury, Good Pie

Really? It's been a month since I posted? Whatever, I suck.

Anyway, today's installment is Vidalia Onion Pie. We got some awesome Vidalia onions on the farmer's market. I had an onion pie years ago but had never tried making it; it's kind of an onion quiche. I used the recipe found here: except I didn't make my own crust because.....come on.

So, while slicing the onions on my mandoline with no guard, I sliced a dime-sized chunk out skin out of my thumb. Could not feel more stupid. Much yelling, crying, belly-aching, and bleeding ensued. Several bandaids and a plastic glove barrier later, I finished the pie.

After all that mess and then getting the onions, sour cream, eggs, and flour mixed up in a bowl, I forgot to add salt and pepper. I didn't realize this until the pie was fully ready to go in the oven and I had already washed the bowl to make something else, so I didn't want to dump it all back out to add it. 

The recipe says to cook it for 20 mins at 450 degrees, then reduce the temp to 325 for 20 more minutes. Surely it takes quite a while to cool down from 450 to 325, thus actually cooking somewhere in between for a big chunk of that last 20 mins, but who am I to argue. After the first 20 mins at 450, the top and crust were VERY brown, but I went ahead and did as it said. The last 20 mins at 325 made it even browner but it really turned out okay. 

We got slices and it smelled so good, that even though it was an "onion pie", our daughter wanted to try some. She took a bite and said: "It needs salt."


And she was right - after some added salt and pepper, it was really good. I would definitely make it again. Would be great at a brunch. Next time, I'll find the guard before I start slicing the onions.

Peace, Love, and Safety First,


Mom of Fred and Ginger
Wife of Mr D
Forgetter of Salt and Pepper


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