Thursday, January 14, 2010

Crappy Day Pizza

Well, here I am barely into the new year and I have skipped a week of my resolution to try a new cookbook recipe each week. But, the weekend is near and I have some stuff planned, so recipes will soon your way come.

In the meantime, today was a crappy day and when Mr. D finally walked in the door at 6:45pm, he saw the look in my eyes of a woman on the edge. He started scrounging for something to feed the kids who, for some reason, expected dinner. We had part of a loaf of homemade bread and he decided to slice it and make little homemade pizzas. They were pretty darn good. Bread - then tomato paste w/ pizza spices sprinkled on top (preferably an all-in-one like the magnificent Penzey's Pizza Seasoning - Penzey's has awesome herbs and spices and they are not more expensive than the regular ones at the grocery store: Okay, where was I? Bread, then tomato paste, then pizza spices, topped with mozzarella cheese and pepperoni. Cooked for 6 minutes on 400 degrees, then another 5-ish on low broil.

The far left are cheese breads for little Ginger who won't eat anything pizza-like, which is redonkulus. And the pizza ones are sitting on top of a cooling rack on top of the cookie sheet so that when they cooked they didn't get all soggy on the bottom. Hate soggy bottom.

Peace, Love, and Crappy Days,

~ HD

Mom to Fred and Ginger
Wife to Mr. D
Patron of Penzey's


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