Friday, December 18, 2009

It's the Marinade, People

In a previous post, I wrote of the joys and delights of a slow-roasted pork butt. (To wit: Why Do They Call it Pork Butt if it's the Shoulder?) In said post, I wrote of how I marinade it in a marinade primarily made of sherry and then lots of spices, etc. Well, while I love the way this tastes, I really didn't think that it would be much different with a different marinade or (horror) no marinade at all.

Well, wrong. I am out of sherry and cooked a pork butt this week. I bought one of those injector marinades to try. First of all, I had a GIANT roast and after injecting all this liquid into it, it just cooked out and spilled over into my oven into a black, smoky mess-o-crap. But, the meat survived and would have been great - if only the marinade was great. Seriously, it wasn't. The flavor I like (and that's just me, I know) is, in fact, the flavor that the sherry gives it. I will not make this mistake again. But I WILL save the injector and try it with my marinade - but I will buy a smaller roast so that at least spillage will end up in the pan and not my oven.

Peace, Love, and Smoky Kitchens,

~ HD

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