Monday, November 2, 2009

Chicken and Dumplings - The Easy Way

First, let me apologize for the extreme delay in postings! We have had our share of swine flu, strep throat, and general crapola and I am ready to get on with it! Everyone is feeling at least 90%, which is better than we were. We had a good Halloween, although we didn't do as much as planned and I don't have more Halloween food to post. Sucky! I do have a few other things to post, so I will get more on here ASAP.

So what better than Chicken and Dumplings to help a family feel better? I make dumplings out of the smallest, cheapest canned biscuits - like the blue Pillsbury ones. They don't have a lot of extra flavorings or lumps of fat like some of the other canned biscuits, which would mess up the broth. They are plain and simple.

So, the supremely, superbly easiest way to make Chicken and Dumplings is to heat up a bunch of chicken broth to boiling - then, cut the little biscuits into quarters and drop them a handful at a time into the boiling broth. Take them out w/ a slotted spoon once they've cooked a little while and puffed up real good, and then repeat until they're all done. Then, add a can or two of canned/diced chicken breasts to the broth (depending on how much you're making) and also some frozen or canned carrots and peas. Put the dumplings back in, heat it all up real good, and there you go.

Last night I thought I would improve on this a bit and made it a little fancier but still super easy.

First, I melted about 2 T of butter in the bottom of a stock pot. Then I added 2 diced stalks of celery, some minced garlic (from a jar - even though fresh is better, it's not easier. Sue me.), some diced onion (from a bag of frozen diced onions, my favorite frozen vegetable), and some shredded carrots. I cooked those for a while until the onions were all transluscent and good.

Next, 3 boxes of chicken broth. Turned out I had a little too much broth, so next time either a little less broth or a few more dumplings. I brought the chicken broth to a boil. While it was heating, I added some (dried) parsley, thyme, and herbs de provence (just because that's what I had - would have rather had tarragon).

Then I did the biscuit dropping, a handful at a time. I did 3 cans of biscuits but next time would do all 4. While the dumplings cooked, I pulled apart the meat of a rotisserie chicken - yum, yum! Then, I added the chicken and the dumplings all back to the pot and cooked for about 5 minutes to heat all through. I also added about 1/3 cup of half and half to make it a little creamy.

Here are some pictures. It turned out really good. But, guess who didn't like it? The kids!!! They like the plain, non-herbed, non-onioned, boring version. Oh well...I will continue to try to improve their palates, but it didn't work this time. 

 The biscuits cut into quarters.

Biscuits boiling in the broth.

 The finished product! It was goooood!

Peace, Love, and Chicken,


Mom of Fred and Ginger
Wife of Mr. D
Dumplinger of Deliciousness


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