Thursday, October 1, 2009

Welcome to Peace, Love, and Dinner

I have 5 1/2 year old twins and they are such picky eaters. I don't know how this happened. You should see my husband and me - you can tell we're not picky eaters on sight. I had every intention of doing all the right things to encourage non-picky eating in my kids - I've read all the books, I've subscribed to all the magazines, I've drunk all the Kool-aid. But, we all know what the road is paved with, and my intentions went to the wayside in deference of quickly-made dinners (chicken nuggets and fruit for the kids, husband and I "fend," which is to forage our own food for the evening) and/or wanting to choose my battles and therefore feeding the kids what they'll eat because it's one less battle to wage. So, here we are, 5.5 years into motherhood and I have a son who barely eats real food but has a sweet tooth to end all sweet tooths, and a daughter that would gladly eat her weight in sausage and cheese. Of course, they both have foods that are always a winner with them - but there's not much that the two of them agree on, furthering the insanity.

So, I have decided it is time to start making only one meal per night. I've decided to have more in my lunchbox repertoire than PB&J with the crusts cut off. I am determined to make my little Fred and Ginger foodies (forgive the overused term) like their Mama and Daddy.

Please, come along for the ride...


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