Sunday, October 4, 2009

Pizza Cups, the Beginning of a Trend

I got this idea from my BFF. This is the basic idea, and we have many variations in mind to try in the near future.

Pizza cups are simple. You grease a muffin tin, then open a can of biscuits and either press out the biscuits w/ your hand, or roll them out w/ a little rolling pin. Put them in the bottoms of the muffin tin and they'll kind of go up the sides. I used the smallest, little Pillsbury biscuits for this. The ones that come in the 4-can pack. But you could use some of the bigger kinds, but nothing as big as Grands. I think the small ones were perfect (not to mention less carbs.)

So, once you get them all in the tins, you add about one teaspoon of pizza sauce. I bought pizza sauce (instead of marinara pasta sauce) because it's thicker. But, it wasn't flavorful enough for me, so I added oregano and some italian seasoning.

Then, we added sausage and cut-up pieces of sliced pepperoni in different combinations. Each of us added what we wanted in our own. Then top it with some shredded cheese, we used mozzarella. Cook in the oven at the temp and for the time on the biscuit can.

Here are some pictures. Everyone loved these. The second pic has onions on top of them for me and Mr. D. e have more variations to the "cup" theme in mind. We made some breakfast ones today, so that post is next.

Pizza, Love, and Dinner,


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