Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Cups Continue - Chicken-Spinach-Alfredo

I swear that at some point I will get over this cups kick, but it has been so fun. The best part is that we have ready-made lunches for the next day, because the cups are very portable. And, it turns out that this latest one is the favorite of Mr. D's and Ginger's.

I love rotisserie chickens, I really do. I am not a fan of cooking chicken, or rather, dealing with raw chicken - but, more specifically, chicken breasts I cook always end up a little dry. There are ways around that, but in the end, a rotisserie chicken is soooooo nice to use. I buy them and tear them apart while they're still warm and then use the chicken in chicken salad, chicken enchiladas, chicken and dumplings, or - in this case - Chicken Spinach Alfredo Cups!

When I went to the store, I checked the prices on the cooked chicken strips that you can get in the lunchmeat section. It was $3.49 for 6 oz and - the thing is - the chicken pieces look like they'd be chewy. It looks like chicken parts thrown together. You know, "parts is parts" (old Wendy's commerical, anyone?  anyone...?) And the rotisserie chicken, in all its warm, tasty, delicious, glory was $4.99 and I ended up with at least three times that much meat.

For these cups, I used the big kind of Grands biscuits, except I peeled them into two and three sections. I liked the smaller ones that used the 1/3 biscuits because I like less bread. But it was easier to tear them into only 2 sections, so that's what I'd probably recommend. Smooshed them in the bottom of the muffin cups - and it took up 1 1/2 muffin tin pans since I was separating the biscuits.

Then, each biscuit got a dollop (little more than 1 teaspoon) of Alfredo sauce. (I used Bertolli, but I also bought two other kinds, so I'll let you know if I like those better when we try them.) Then, some chicken, then spinach on top of that for mine and Mr. D's - I knew the kids would throw a fit about the spinach. (Spinach was the little frozen block of chopped spinach, microwaved and water squeezed out.) And finally, mozzarella cheese on the top. Baked at the temp and for the time the biscuit can says - I thought it would need less time becuase it wasn't whole biscuits, but it strangely didn't.

**Lest you think I am a horrible mother for not making my kids eat their greens, we did have green salad on the side. And not iceberg, oh no - the dark green and purple kind of salad, which my kids inexplicably both love (w/ ranch dressing, of course.) I'm glad they like it so much - I know I wouldn't have touched it as a kid.**

Lessons learned would be that next time it needs some kind of extra seasoning on the spinach, or maybe mix the spinach w/ the alfredo sauce instead of plopping it on alone. Young Fred, he the biggest fan of the Pizza Cups, said he didn't really like the Chicken cups, but then he ate the whole thing. Here are some pics:

Cups w/ the sauce and chicken. See how much chicken is left in the bowl? That's after making 18 cups and from only one rotisserie chicken.

Cups with the spinach added to some.

Final before the oven.

And finished!!

Peace, Love, and Dinner,


Mom of Fred and Ginger
Wife of Mr. D
Chef of Cuppery


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